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2018 issues

October 2018: Disability

Theology/Disability: Disability/Theology
John Gillibrand

Two Personal Reflections by People Who are Living with Disability
Joe Griffin and Philippa Herbert

Gifts, Grace and Accident
Martin Reynolds

Visible Discipleship
David Primrose

Forum: Risky With Love: Rethinking the Parable of the Talents
Jennifer Goodyer

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July 2018: Truth and Faith in Public Life

Truth-Telling in Public Life
Claire Foster-Gilbert

Bishops in Parliament: Historical oddity or contemporary blessing?
Graham James

'When you grow old…': Can we only choose between autonomy and dependence in older age?
Jonathan Pye

Finding the via media for Faith in the NHS: Reflections on guideline development for religion and belief in the twenty-first century
Chris Swift

Forum: Poverty Truth in Leeds
Andrew Grinnell

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July 2018

April 2018: Populism

Editorial: The Theological Politics of Populism
Richard Sudworth

Zacchaeus: Patron Saint of Surveillance? 
Eric Stoddart

The Church and Populist Politics: Reflections on Occupy, Grenfell Tower and Brexit 
Al Barrett

Living in Limbo: Rebuilding National and Personal Identities in a Post-Brexit UK, a Personal Perspective
Carla Vicencio Prior

For the Failure of Language there is no Redress 
Helen Stanton

Forum: Repairing and Reimagining: Anglican Social Theology in Feminist and Postcolonial Perspective 
Jenny Daggers

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January 2018: Futures of Capitalism

Editorial: Different Species of Capitalism 
Stephen Platten

R.H. Tawney: Christian, Democrat, Socialist 
David Marquand

R. H. Tawney and Anglican Social Theology 
Stephen Spencer

Capitalism and Social Co-operation 
Philip Booth

The Queen, the Global Financial Crisis and the Wisdom of R. H. Tawney 
Michael S Northcott

Forum: The Good Life and the Good Society: A Reflection on Learning Together in Prison 
Angus Reid and Elizabeth Phillips

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