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2017 issues

October 2017: Muslim Ethics and Islam in Britain

Editorial: A Muslim Social Ethics Struggling to Birth? 
Dr Philip Lewis

Those Who Wipe Away the Tears 
Bonnie Evans-Hills

Beyond Identity Politics: Can Muslims develop a Narrative of the Common Good 
Dilwar Hussain

Faith, Power and the State: A Starting-point for a Christian-Muslim Exchange 
Dr Jonathan Chaplin

Dignity of Difference and Recognition of Interdependence: Reimagining Islamic Social Ethics within the Context of European Muslim Diaspora
Dr Abdullah Sahin

Forum: Ministry in Black and White 
Stephen Edwards

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October 17

July 2017: Christian Leadership in an Age of Science

Editorial: Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science
Kathryn Pritchard

Attempting Cultural Change 
David Wilkinson

Troubling Narratives: How a Reframed Science-Theology Discourse from Job Holds the Keys for Social Wisdom 
Tom McLeish

'Take Your Vicar to the Lab' 
Tim Bull and Nick Goulding

Spreading the Word: How one Bishop Has Been Equipped in an Age of Science 
David Thomson

Christian Ethics and the Problem of Knowledge
Malcolm Brown

Forum: Theology Reforming Society: a Conference at Mirfield
Stephen Spencer

Poem: The Priest in the Kingdom of Love 
Rachel Mann

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July 17

April 2017: Evangelical Social Ethics

Editorial: Evangelical Social Ethics
Jonathan Chaplin

Key Theological Developments in Evangelical Social Ethics Since the 1970s
David Hilborn

Evangelical Social Action in the UK
Greg Smith

The Evolution of Evangelical Environmental Engagement 1990-2016
Dave Bookless

Review Essay: The Authority of the Gospel
Guido de Graaff

Forum: 'Zeal for your house has consumed me': Church and Community Projects in New Housing Areas
Chris Beales

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April 17

January 2017: Law and Ethics

Editorial: Law and ethics
Martin Kettle

Ethics and Theology
Ahmed Balto

From Captain Mainwaring to Gordon Gekko: Why Bankers Need to be a Law Unto Themselves
David McIlroy

A Good Divorce? And a Good Christian Divorce Lawyer? Some Ethics of Divorce Law and Practice
David Hodson

Extreme Lawmaking: Putting a Value on Values
Martin Kettle

Forum: Ethics after Industria: Reflections on Foragers, Farmers and Fossil Fuels
Ian Morris

Biography: Edward Cardale

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