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Crucible, the Journal of Christian Social Ethics

Crucible is an essential source of inspiration for all who are interested in Christian Social Ethics and the interaction of Church and Society.


Engaging with the challenges facing society

We believe that the Christian gospel is inescapably relevant to the social questions and upheavals of our times.

Each issue of Crucible reflects theologically on key themes of political, social, cultural or environmental significance. Recent articles have considered inter-generational fairness, religious diversity, climate change, and the demands of a post-Brexit Britain.


Crucible in conversation

Questions for discussion appear at the end of each article. Join the conversation on Twitter @cruciblejournal or in a local study group.


Practitioners and theologians from across the Church

Crucible brings together some of the best practitioners, thinkers, and theologians in the field of Christian Social Ethics. Contributors come from a wide range of religious belief and sympathy.

The journal is published in collaboration with the Church of England’s Division of Mission and Public Affairs and the William Temple Foundation.


The Crucible archive

Our digital archive includes issues of the journal dating back to 2006.

Archive access is included with all print and digital subscriptions.


Subscribe from just £20 a year

Crucible is published four times a year. Choose a print or digital subscription and save up to 28% on the journal's cover price. We also offer discounted subscriptions for students and ordinands.