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Crucible April 17_small

What is Crucible?

Crucible makes a tremendous contribution to the Church's social responsibility work, pulling together some of the best practitioners and thinkers in the field. In my view, a subscription is a vital tool for all who have a concern for the Church's work.

Stephen Platten

Chair of the Crucible Editorial board

Crucible is the Christian journal of social ethics. It is produced quarterly, pulling together some of the best practitioners, thinkers, and theologians in the field. Each issue reflects theologically on a key theme of political, social, cultural, or environmental significance.

It is edited in collaboration with the Church of England's Division of Mission and Public Affairs; the William Temple Foundation and the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, Chester University.


Past issues (still available) have tackled:

  • Morality and the local community
  • Ethics and the State
  • Wellbeing in the 21st century
  • Pastoral Encounters and boundaries
  • Theology and Ethics
  • Islam in Britain

Every issue contains reviews of books relevant to the social ethics field.


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